Mitchell Levy Bio (media attention received)

Mitchell Levy is:

  • CEO of Happy About®, a book publisher which also writes and publishes books for corporations
  • On the Board of Directors of Rainmaker Systems (NASDAQ: RMKR)
  • Chairman and Partner of CEOnetworking, an executive networking organization facilitating conversation and learning among peers and coaching executives on being successful
  • Director and Chief Strategy Officer of the innovative Silicon Valley Executive Business Program
  • Author of the books, Happy About™ Outsourcing, Happy About™ Knowing What to Expect in 2005
  • President & CEO of, Inc, a Management Consulting firm helping company's grow with strategic consulting and targeted business education
  • Creator of the Value Framework®, a strategic framework for analyzing and creating corporate success
  • He was the former Founder, Program Consultant, and Faculty Member of the premier SJSU-PD Enterprise & E-Commerce Management Certificate Program, Program Consultant of the Busines Management Program, the former Chair of at Comdex Fall and was at Sun Microsystems for 9 years, the last 4 of which he managed the e-commerce component of Sun's $3.5 billion supply chain.
  • Mitchell spent 9 years at Sun Microsystems during the key infancy period of the Internet, and managed the e-commerce component of Sun's $3.5b supply chain. Since leaving Sun, he has put together the e-commerce strategy for the $2b revenue-based Bay Networks (both the buy and sell side) and has run a privately held Web Presence company founded in June 1995 which consulted, designed, created, and hosted web pages for clients.