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"Mitchell has hit the nail on the head with his pithy, yet detailed look at what works and what doesn't in e-commerce. This book is current and talks about real solutions to real problems not academic approaches to hypothetical scenarios."
-- Mark Goldstein, President & CEO,

" provides the strategic insight required to establish e-business leadership in this fast-paced Internet Age."
-- Mark Hogan, president, e-GM, group vice president, General Motors, Corp.

"Mitchell Levy has clearly addressed all the major competencies required and how they relate to each other. I would recommend this book to executives and e-commerce professionals alike who want to get an edge in the Internet Age."
-- Jack Serfass, Co-Chairman, Co-Founder, Bowstreet

"Of the thousands of entrepreneurs who contact us each month looking for venture capital financing, most would greatly improve their chances if they would study and apply the principles in this important book."
-- By Bob Cross, President, Venture Capital Online

"I have the opportunity to talk with thousands of people every year about their struggle to integrate the Internet into their business. addresses the wide gap between the hype surrounding business use of the Internet and the practical reality of successful implementation. I recommend using as your guide to crossing the gap."
-- Mark Resch, President & CEO, CommerceNet

In the new economy, business survival is not an orderly affair. New partners, models, and expectations are constant and chaotic. Like human evolution, the unpredictable dynamics of this digital business life are shaped as much by strategy and planning as they are by chance and coincidence. To survive, executives need an anthropological guide. offers the real world foundations, holistic insights and stories to share around the Internet campfire. Some truly revolutionary ideas may take years or decades to win general acceptance. Thanks to Mitchell Levy, E-Volution will not be one of those.
-- Anita Ward, Partner, Zefer

"As the wind of the New Economy blows around the world, there is opportunity and there is peril. Those brick-and-mortar and dot-com companies that are adept at taking immediate advantage of emerging markets, new technologies and shifting consumer preferences will triumph as market leaders. Others will quickly find themselves entrenched in second- or third-place. In, Mitchell Levy proffers his own insights, and those of eminent industry veterans, to teach companies how to avoid being a precarious runner-up in the race to the top in the New Economy."
-- Dr. Pehong Chen, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board, BroadVision

"Finally, a comprehensive and fact filled discussion of eCommerce and what, YOU, the businessperson must do to prosper in this new Internet economy. Mr. Levy tackles the "hard stuff" - "Is your business model obsolete?" "Where are my new partners coming from?" "What tactics must I employ to meet the challenges of new competition?" It's all here in Author Mitchell Levy has "been there" in business, academia and in assembling Internet and technology industry experts across the world. Read this book and you'll understand the values that your business can unlock in the new E-Conomy."
-- Ken Campbell, CEO, Centegy

"Every business is aware of the growing power of the Internet. Yet translating a successful offline business to the Net can be a difficult transition for even the most seasoned executive. Mr. Levy offers an essential road map for addressing the make-or-break issues in taking an existing company online."
--Christopher Logan, CEO Driveway Corporation

"A must read for any business leader operating in today's digital age. Mitchell Levy's book is a lighthouse for anyone navigating the stormy seas of the Internet economy."
-- Heidi Messer, President, Linkshare

„If you want to learn how to figure out what type of change is in store for your company, you must read this book.‰
-- Peter Sisson, former Founder and CEO of; currently Vice-Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer,

"Fortunately for all of us, there are visionaries like Mitchell Levy who can gather, digest, and relay the principles, opportunities, and strategies most critical to e-volving with the Internet. is a must-read for anyone compelled to succeed in the e-conomy. It is the first book I've found that so closely aligns itself with my own convictions about content, customers, and change in e-business as we'll come to know it."
-- Alan Naumann, President and CEO, Calico Commerce, Inc

"I personally believe that Mitchell's book is an essential primer for the Internet Age."
-- Alfred Chuang, Founder, President, and Chief Operations Officer, BEA Systems, Inc.

"No one is more connected with e-commerce management than Mitchell Levy. In, Mitchell takes us on an exploratory journey through the key issues in this area. On each page, he shares the practical experience of someone who has tried something new. Get behind the scenes to see the thought process, not just the end results. There is no better, more independent source of ideas to help you as you build your e-volved and e-volving strategy than"
-- By Michael Silton, CEO, Rainmaker Systems, Inc.

"I know you will enjoy and appreciate this collection of first-hand insights from so many leaders in the evolution revolution. Whether you are a CEO leading the old economy charge or a lieutenant helping to transform a New E-Conomy venture, you will find timeless truths about the (r)evolutionary challenges in developing new business models, the leadership experience, and the e-volution process that will lead to the extinction of many companies we know and love."
-- Love Goel, CEO, Personify

"Someone once said, 'To change and to change for the better are two different things.' This book presents guidance on how to make sure your business does the latter."
-- Steven J. Snyder, Ph.D., Co-Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Net Perceptions, Inc.

"In this demanding and exhilarating environment, Mitchell Levy's book offers valuable, practical steps to understanding how to build and manage an e-commerce company."
-- Rob Wrubel, CEO, Ask Jeeves, Inc.

"In this book, Mitchell's examination of management challenges provides readers with the emerging trends and thought-provoking cases, which will encourage the rethinking that is necessary to succeed."
-- Rick Steele, President and CEO,

"With, Mitchell Levy has captured and distilled the essence of today's e-commerce practices."
-- Monte Zweben, CEO, Blue Martini Software